16 April 2013


Yesterday in Boston, an act of terror was committed against a crowd of men, women and children.  As with all terrorism, this was a despicable act designed to inflict pain, chaos and fear upon those to whom is is directed.  It was also cowardice at work, for those who hide behind such covert activity lack both the integrity and resolve to face their enemies head-on.  They must hide in their secrecy and destruction.

Those who commit acts of terrorism typically do so for some sort of religious commitment - a cause which rises out of a spiritual devotion and theological system.  Publicly, of course, this type of identification is not discussed, especially if we are playing the game of so-called-political-correctness which is particularly shy of anything Muslim.  Instead of identifying a system which continues to give rise to this type of terrorist activity, we are to believe that these are well-meaning folks who may have been misguided (not by their own fault) into being completely committed - to the point of death - to nothing in particular.  Just ignore the final shouts of Allah ... they didn't mean that.

Nevertheless, those terrorists who do claim to be committed to a cause or a religion are also the ones who hide in the shadows of covert activity.  I wonder why doing God's work must be done in such secrecy.  If you have been commanded by the one true king of all the earth to cleanse his creation for his service, then why must we hide in the shadows of darkness and death?  I am not talking about covert military action here, but of the terrorism which brings war upon those who are innocent and unarmed, all in the name of a religion that touts its own peacefulness (even among the militant wing).  These cowards hide and are aided in their secrecy by our own leftist and statist media, who took an entire hour before publicly blaming those on the American Right for what happened in Boston.  Evidently, there will always be that one punching bag for them to smack around when convenient.

Beyond terrorism, let us talk about this issue of resolve.  The First Amendment defines the right of freedom of speech.  At present we are on either side of this freedom: there are certain stories and perspectives which are completely ignored or vilified by the progressive-left (in media and government) to the point of legalized censorship, and there are certain stories and actions which are done behind the cloak of secrecy and in the name of the common good.  Both are supported by the established media in our country, and both seek to rid the First Amendment of its power, and the Constitution of its effectiveness.

There are so many things that the Obama administration does behind closed doors, or while distracting the American citizenry with other issues.  Repeated lies (even after the evidence is overwhelmingly and publicly contrary, as in Benghazi) seek to darken the veil all-the-more so that the progressive agenda can be implemented without the full knowledge of the People.  This is how it must be, of course, because much of what this administration is doing seeks to undermine the Constitution and reshape the entire American experience.  We are being weakened from within our own government, and the assault on our liberty can only be described as a domestic threat which must hide in the shadows.  The oaths of office are being trampled upon by so many who have achieved their power, and one wonders just how much longer the system can stand.

I wonder, What is the real difference between those who cause the tragedy in Boston and those who are causing the tragedy arising from our nation's capital?

In the midst of all of this corruption there is the American resolve.  Although this has become quiet in the past few years, it is being awakened with great passion and commitment.  The state of our union is questionable, but the resolve of the American people assured.  My concern is that not enough of the People will awaken in time to halt the destruction of our great Republic.  Some damage has been done, a considerable amount of damage will now be inevitable.  This is the accomplishment of those who hid in the shadows, waited for their moment, and seized the opportunity while others were freely living their lives.  That is how it comes, typically by those who did not rightly estimate the strength of the American spirit, even after it has been knocked hard to the floor.

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