11 March 2013


During the American Revolution Henry Knox said, "We want great men who, when fortune frowns, will not be discouraged."  Anyone who has ever taken a close look at the circumstances surrounding the events of that war for independence will rightly understand why Mr. Knox expressed this particular desire.  Those who endured the hardships which would gain liberty for the American states demonstrated an incredible amount of grit and determination.  Sadly, we must confess that, if we as a nation had to suffer through the same conditions in order to preserve our freedom, we as a people might very well be lost.

I say this because of the continuing intentional weakening of the American spirit by the progressive ideology which bombards our society.  A boy has been suspended from school because he ate a Pop-Tart in such a way that it appeared to be in the same shape as a handgun.  What is worse, the school has set up counsellors for anyone in the building who may have been traumatized by the horrific events surrounding the breakfast pastry.  This is, at the same time, ridiculous and serious.  It is ridiculous for obvious reasons: the amount of stupidity which is being heaped upon the young men and women of our country by those who have political control of the educational system is staggering.

But it is serious as well.  (No, the issue of a Pop-Tart is not serious in this matter - I am referring here to the issue of the power-hungry making blind those that can be so easily led around.)  Our children are being taught to fear.  This is no recent development.  I can remember my time in public grade school being taught to fear environmental shifts - like acid rain, or the loss of fossil fuels.  In recent years, especially in the last few months, the move has been made to surround our children with a culture of fear regarding guns (or any other weapons).  When a boy cannot understand why he was 'dispended' from school after playing a make-believe game of Save the World, and when we have to pause to consider the emotional effects of breakfast food, then we have a serious problem.

It wasn't too long ago, maybe one or two generations at the most, that young boys would bring their rifles with them to school (and check them in with the office beforehand and afterward).  The need for this was basically twofold: in the long walks, often through wooded areas there was an opportunity to shoot at game for the family's food, and also there was an increased security which was provided by armed boys.  This was the way of life.  We do not need to consider reverting to that type of society, but the point is made that we must create a culture where reason and responsibility have merit.  This is not the goal of progressive-controlled education.

Where will the young men be when it is time to storm the beaches of Normandy once again?  Will they be ready to stand firm and fight for the cause of liberty?  Or, will they be too preoccupied with their counseling because they once saw something that looked like a gun - perhaps it was a suspicious-looking Krispy Kreme?  Maybe the next attack on the United States will not use any firepower whatsoever, choosing instead to come charging across our borders with pictures of oddly-shaped Pop-Tarts on the tops of their cars.  Yes, simultaneously ridiculous and serious indeed.

Guns are not the only area of our society where we are stripping down the very nature of who we are created to be.  Boys are being taught how to never grow up and accept the responsibilities of faith and freedom.  They are pandered to as perpetual youth, never being required to grow up into manhood, and always chasing after their most immediate gratification.  It is taught in much of our educational system that ethics and morality don't really exist, except for where government and society say.  Void of an understanding of God or any religion that would orient their lives to him, it will be quite difficult to find men who are willing to defend or edify our nation.

We are not too far gone in this, however.  Of first importance is to recognize how serious the problem has become, and then take up the work of addressing it head on.  The most vital work that we can do as a nation - especially a nation of God-honoring patriots - is to strengthen our homes.  We must raise up men (and women) who are willing to engage the struggle that lies before them, to stand firm in principle and character and never cower in the face of danger.  We must prepare our young men to be willing to storm the beaches of Normandy for the sake of those they've left at home.  And we must ready our children to stand for the cause of liberty, even it requires that we do so from within.

These ridiculous wars over pastry, large drinks, and the like will chip away at our freedom if we let it.  But the answer is not to try and run after every little skirmish that comes along.  The solution is to renew and restore the core conservative principles which have made this country the greatest Republic the world has ever seen.  And then we will see the cause of liberty advance for all.

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