06 March 2013


As I write this a filibuster is taking place on the floor of the United States Senate.  We have entered into the third hour of Senator Rand Paul's intentional stalling of a confirmation vote.  The reason for this is that he is calling out the current administration on the issue of drone strikes.  The Attorney General of the United States has recently made it known that the President has the authority to conduct attacks on United States citizens on United States soil who are non-combatant WITHOUT DUE PROCESS!!!

That such authorization is unconstitutional is beyond obvious, which makes this an unprecedented grab for power by a sitting United States President.  But where is the outcry that the rights of the American people are being infringed?  Where is the media reporting the facts of this issue so that the citizens can rightly understand what is happening in our nation's leadership?  And, most disturbingly, where are those sworn protectors of the United States Constitution (from all enemies, foreign and domestic) standing up to this bully regime that has decided it will use the bloated power of the federal government to do whatever it wishes?

Well, I see one who is willing to make enough noise that he cannot so easily be swept away.  (The Republicans ought to be learning how to stand against this out-of-control administration.  Sadly, they are probably trying to figure out how best to distance themselves from this radical Senator Paul.  This, as I have pointed out before, is part of the death of the GOP.)  There must be an outcry when the very document upon which our society is built is so easily pushed to the side for the benefit of a few who wield federal authority.

The actions taken by this administration are of the very sort that the Founders were seeking to abolish.  The great experiment of the Republic of the United States was that authoritarian power would be withdrawn in favor of checks and balances in which the voice of the people would be heard.  Those who serve in the federal government are representatives of the citizens of the United States, not their overlords.  Although we have seen the rise of a self-appointed elite ruling class in America, the real power rests within the will of the American people, and it is protected by the United States Constitution.

The President is seeking, through this issue of drone attacks, the ability to define and execute actions upon American citizens without the rule of law or any judicial system of legal checks and balances to ensure that such power is guarded.  If any one person holds the power to define terrorism and execute military action against it without judicial or legislative review, then we are closing the door to the freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We have already experienced the politicalization of healthcare, soon we will see the politicalization of religion and free speech.  Already our ability to say things is under great scrutiny, and more and more is being labelled as hate speech if it disagrees with a particular point of view.  It will not be long until such hate speech is applied to religious groups on the basis of their belief, and the equation of religious belief and fundamental militant will soon follow.

Anyone who dares to publicly disagree with this President has already been labelled as a racist, the ground is being laid for more removal of those who would dare question the office.  All of the sudden this looks very much like a tyrannical system of rule, over and above the Republic which was established as the United States.  Ironically, such a move to attain absolute power comes from the office whose oath is to protect and defend the Constitution - the very document which is being undermined by the actions taken in this issue.  The Constitution is meant to restrain the government from the People, and now it is being pushed to the side for the sake of imposing will upon the People.

So, we have a Constitutional issue before us.  We know why it was written, and in what context it was implemented.  It will take good men and women to reassert its power and significance, for it is being discarded for the sake of a progressive agenda by a leftist and elitist few.  But we have no monarchy or throne in this country.  The power rests with the American People, who must now wake themselves up to the threat around them and the work before them.

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